"Swearing ETERNAL HOSTILITY against every form of tyranny" with Richard Harris

By Jonathan Roseland

I interviewed Richard Harris - he’s a man in England with a beard and blue eyes that beam with the brilliance of a quasar. He has one of the top channels on Odysee where he inspires thousands to reject the slavery that the modern world imposes upon us.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we get deeply into the weeds connecting the philosophical to the pragmatic...

2:00 Latest biohacking trends
Sleep hacking
Bulletproof Coffee
Nootopia - the potent Nootropic stack I was on during this interview

8:04 A prayer and the occultic spirituality of America’s founding fathers
Documentary: Belly of the Beast: Director's Cut
15:20 The time I got a taste of political power
Flashback to 2016 -- Why I support Trump
19:00 Is lust for power the root of evil?
26:41 Visiting sacred sites
World map of Ley Lines
Rila monastery in Bulgaria
Dual N-Back brain training
37:21 Red pilling friends and family
Changing Minds on the COVID-19 Vaccine
45:30 Prince/King Charles
Book: The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea
52:33 The medicinal properties of the water
Analemma Water wand
Documentary: The Truth about The Lost History of Flat Earth
58:40 Lifecoaching breakthroughs with Kambo
Biohackers should be skeptical of Psychedelics
1:06:44 Taking back control of your sexuality
Dispenza-style meditation for mindset transformation
Book: Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control

Are you in the gym or on a bus on the way to visit a sacred site? Listen to this on the go here.

Richard can be contacted about life coaching on his website. Check out his Liberty Live Streams, I don't live stream for the reasons I rant about here...


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