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WHY SCIENCE IS WRONG... About Almost Everything
Book review: Why Scientific Materialism is WRONG... About Almost Everything This 170-page yellow book, by Alex Tsakiris host of the Skeptiko podcast, is a striking nail in the coffin of scientific materialism. I was raised an evangelical Christian, in young adulthood I became a (quiet) agnostic, then a materialist atheist because of philosophical...
Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
Book Review: The Lowest-Hanging Longevity Fruit Modernity conspires, in ways subtle and not-so-subtle to deprive you of the sleep you desperately need. Taking back the sleep you deserve is (perhaps) the most multiplicative of factors impacting your health, strength of mind, and ultimately longevity. In this podcast, I thrust...
You Are the Placebo
The placebo effect is one of the most reliable things in science, so much so that every good human clinical trial accounts for it. Belief has power, clearly. And this book delves into how to yield it without invoking too much pseudospiritual silliness. You've probably heard all your life that belief and...
73 results - showing 71 - 73
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