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How to Buy Smart Drugs with Bitcoin

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

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I see a trend of polarization and demonisation of those who aim to compete aggressively. Our who is John Gault society, steadily marching towards the world foretold in Idiocracy and 1984, seems increasingly keen on inventing witches to hunt. As I've written about before, I foresee a public backlash against Biohackers.

Biohacking is antiestablishmentarianism starting on a biological level. It's naive to think that our movement which empowers the individual by hacking happiness and productivity doesn't present a threat to the powers that be. If you share a little of my paranoia on this issue I really encourage you to start paying for your smart drugs with Bitcoin.

A lot of people of people who are into smart drugs and Biohacking are Internet Gangsters who are also into using the block-chain based digital currency Bitcoin. It's a pretty natural overlap that people who are kind of hacking the financial system and choosing personal sovereignty by using Bitcoin are also interested in high leverage control of their own biology.

Convert Cryptocurrency into Neurotransmitters

First of all there's several credible vendors of smart drugs, Nootropics or anti-aging health supplements directly accepting Bitcoin. The more credible ones that I have experience with are towards the top, the ones towards the bottom I can't recommend as enthusiastically.


This is the novel smart drug that I created for cognitive capital. It's based upon the Racetams which are the most universally proven and safe cognitive enhancers. Depending on the dosage you take, Caballo costs between $2-$3:30 daily (and believe me it will be a kickass day!) You can just pay directly for Caballo with Bitcoin.



Modafinil BitcoinAfinilexpess is, I think, the most credible vendor on the Internet of Modafinil and Armodafinil. You are definitely going to want to do your research on Modafinil before taking it. About a third of Biohackers really don't like it, yet it is often the preferred smart drug of Wall Street traders, Silicon Valley programmers and elite combat pilots in the Air Force. Modafinil costs between $2 - $5 daily. They actually offer a generous  discount if you use crypto and you can pay directly on their website with Bitcoins as easily as you can with a credit card.

Modafinil by AfinilExpress

Powdered Nootropic BitcoinThese guys are based out of Spain. it looks like and they accept a Bitcoin for dozens of different Nootropics and supplements. What I like about them is that they almost exclusively sell the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade smart drugs and they have certificates of analysis (COAs) verifying this. They do specialize in powdered brain supplements, which you will need to measure out when you take them. They come in very utilitarian no frills packaging and since they are powdered they will not taste very good.They offer Nootropics like

  • Noopept
  • Pramiracetam
  • Aniracetam 
  • IDRA-21
  • Tianeptine


rupharma 88 1482438184Based in Moscow offers some unique Nootropics and performance enhancers. They are an option for Europeans in countries that have authoritarian restrictions against smart drugs; particularly the Racetams and Modafinil family.

  • ships from Russia to the US & UK.
  • ships from the EU to other EU countries where it's usually difficult to receive Nootropics.

Pharmacological categories offered are

  • NMDA Biohacks like Cerebrolysin & Semax
  • Peptides
  • Male enhancers
  • HGH and testosterone
Semax by RUPharma  
Memantine Canon  


These guys ship nearly 50 different Nootropics from within the EU. They sell very economical, very utilitarian powdered, bagged Nootropics, many of which are verified by 3rd party analysis (which is an important sign of credibility!)

Offers a number of exotic european performance enhancers that will make you strong like a bear, anxiolytics that will make you calm like a bear and smart drugs that will make you clever enough to wash a bear without getting it's fur wet. They have very competitive pricing and committed customer service.


Other Nootropic vendors accepting Bitcoin - Another Russian ecommerce store that offers some interesting Nootropics and anti-aging drugs like adaptogenic herbal tinctures and oxytocin. 

Infowars Store - Carries a couple of products that I'm eager to try like their environmental toxin protective supplements and their Nootropic stack Brain Force. The product arm of Infowars of course accepts Bitcoin. - Has a wide variety of Nootropics (some I've heard of and some I haven't) that I assume based upon their cyrillic labeling are off Russian origin.

Now there maybe a smart drug you want to use that is not for sale for Bitcoins. Like the Adaptogens; Rhodiola Rosea, Eleuthero and Schisandra Chinensis which I recommend really highly to everyone.

These herbs are demonstrated in human studies to have great long term anti-aging benefits and they are also effective short term performance enhancers and they are pretty cheap compared with the Caballo and Modafinil.
It's actually surprisingly easy, fast and cheap to convert your Bitcoins into dollars or Euros that you can spend on smart drugs, especially if you have a Paypal account, it can take just a few minutes.

  1. Head to over to, create an account, verify it with 2 factor authentication to keep your Bitcoins safe, which should take all of about 5 minutes.
  2. Add some Bitcoins to your LocalBitcoins wallet, approximately as much as you need to purchase whatever Nootropics you need cash for. This may take as much as 10-15 minutes for the Blockchain to confirm transfer.
  3. Select Sell Bitcoins and you'll see a number of private traders who you can deal with, some are even willing to deal in small amounts $5-$20.
  4. Check the current BTC to USD exchange rate and choose a trader that will buy your Bitcoin for a fair price. Sometimes you can even find traders who will buy your BTC for more than the current exchange rate. However, usually I find that for $100 cash I'm paying about $1-3 as a combination of escrow fees, transfer fee and the trader's fee.
  5. Ideally you want to select a trader with the little green dot by their name, indicating that they are online now, usually these guys will send cash to your Paypal account within just a few minutes.

No Paypal If you don't have a Paypal account there's also the option of just getting a cash transfer to your bank account. I'm not a big fan of wire transfers, they seem to take a lot of time and sometimes your money metaphorically gets lost in cyberspace for days, while you wait on hold to talk with unhelpful customer service employees at the bank to try to figure out where your money is!
I suggest getting an internal bank transfer. You'll notice that LocalBitcoins can search by traders that are in your geographic area, if you search by Transfers with a specific bank, you can often find another trader who has an account with the same bank as you, assuming you have a bank account with a popular local bank.
Transfers between two account holders with the same bank are often near instantaneous and in my experience a whole lot more reliable! You'll get digital cash fast and will be set to metaphorically swipe your credit card and order online all those sexy Nootropic molecules you've been salivating over!
Amazon gift cards? You may notice that LocalBitcoins also offers the option to exchange Bitcoins for Amazon Gift Cards. At least in the US, Amazon has a pretty amazing selection of Nootropics along with Biohacking gear and food products worth trying.

25 minute Biohacking consultation is included if you invest...

We can get on Skype or the phone and I will do my damnedest to answer whatever questions you have not been able to find good answers for just by Googling.

JR Pig SkypeI'll also mention that I accept Bitcoin for my Biohacking consulting, my rate is $89/hourly. It's kind of expensive but there seems to be two categories of people that it really ROIs for.
1) The first is people that are career superstars; they are really high performing professionals, and are highly compensated for their expertise. Yet, they have a biological skeleton in the closet that holds them back from being as productive as they could be. They have some very private issue; it could be an addiction, it could be some rare condition, it could be that they are productivity rockstars that can work intensely for weeks or months but then they have sporadic episodes of crippling depression.

2) The second group is people that have some really debilitating inability to get ahead in life. They read self help books or watch inspirational videos, but they completely lack the motivation to work on anything for more than a few days or weeks. It maybe that they just have crippling brain fog, lack of self control, social anxiety or ability to form memories. Biohacking can often be ideal for these kinds of people because Biohacking can be a real short cut to motivation and focus.

When a person comes to me that falls into one of these two groups, it almost always takes at least an hour for me to understand their issue and make some nuanced and specific recommendations along with coming up with accountability and motivational mechanisms and habit based lifestyle plan that works for them in the short term and long term.

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