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Hack Your Reality

Biohacking 101 - 5 Hours of Downloadable Videos & +90 Podcasts

Biohacking course

A hacker is someone who wants to gain complete control of the system they are dealing with be it technological or social. A biohacker, therefore is someone who has complete control of their own biology..

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Memory Systems - Triple Your Memory Power & Become a 'Human Google'


A 'lost art' used by life hackers, scientists and extremely productive individuals. Acquire skills in 1/3rd the time, vanquish absentmindedness & improve creativity.

3 Hour Audio Program

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Dual N-Back Training Software Demo - Increase the 'RAM' of Your Mind

intelligence IQ software podcast

20 minutes spent daily training on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device will creative noticable cognitive gains in 1 month.

Complimentary download: For Limitless Mindset Community Members

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Mind Power Membership Plans

One Time Payment
HighIQPro® utilizes the only brain training exercise scientifically demonstrated to improve: short term memory, problem solving IQ & executive functioning. Increase your IQ by up to 20 points in only 20 days.
Mobile Smartphone App
Bonus: Memory Systems Course 3 Hour Audio & 4 Videos
$39.99 / Monthly
1st Month Only $9.95
⊕ Dual N-Back training to increase the RAM of concious mind ⊕ HCF, a leading Nootropic for maintaining a sharp mind by maximizing neurotransmitters and beating stress
Mobile Smartphone App
Bonus: Memory Systems Course 3 Hour Audio & 4 Videos
$99 / Monthly
1st Month only $39.95

⊕ The most credible Dual N-Back training software to boost your IQ, improve problem soving abilities and short term memory. Guaranteed to increase IQ in 20 days. ⊕ Excelerol: A highly engineered brain supplement, forumulated to supercharge overall brain power by boosting the three Limitless neurotransmitters Serotonin, Dopamine & Acetylcholine. Top rated & reviewed (on multiple marketplaces) Nootropic stack of 20 potent ingredients.

Mobile Smartphone App
Bonus: Memory Systems Course 3 Hour Audio & 4 Videos
$185 / Monthly
1st Month $737

Personal DNA Genotyping
Heartmath Emwave2: an cutting edge biohacking device which has quantified the neuro and heart science of being

Weekly coaching & accountability conference calls
1 hour consultation with Jonathan & a leading neuroscientist

Mobile Smartphone App
Bonus: Memory Systems Course 3 Hour Audio & 4 Videos
$25 / Monthly
1st Month $100
DMAE Blood-barrier passing Nootropic that promotes REM sleep and induces lucid dreams.
Huperzine Historical Chinese Nutrecutical that produces highly remember able nightlife experiences.
Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask Super comfortable sleeping mask uses cutting edge technology to detect when your unconscious mind goes into it

Brain Power Guide

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The multi media guide to a brain power that will empower your life. 

  • Triple your memory power
  • Superhuman energy and productivity
  • Blow away stress
  • Boost focus ability
  • Learn new skills in half the time
  • Maximize cognition and increase IQ
  • Protect against memory loss

Bonus Reports & Audio Programs

LimitlessSnacking200Limitless Snacking Guide
Snacking the right way on the right kinds of foods is one of the simplest ways to both increase brain power and save money. If you're like most people you are in a daily dietary pattern that robs you of brain power and productivity. The solution to this is Limitless snacking, this bonus report will share 9 delicious, convenient, easy to store and affordable brain power snack foods.


GroceryList200Limitless Diet Grocery Shopping List
A grocery list of over 35 mind power foods to purchase when you make a visit to the grocery store. This is a one page document you can print out and bring with you to the grocery store. Or if you are smart phone user I've created a mobile friendly webpage you will receive access to.


Monthly Audio Interviews
We will be doing audio interviews with dieticians, nutritionists and doctors every month on the subject of increasing our brain power. These audio interviews will be available for you to download and listen too in the Dietary Guide members section of LimitlessMindset.com.

instantaccess PDF MP3Audio


Mind Power Products

Product Video
When to expect mind power results
2 Weeks
Suggested Use
Begin by listening to audio programs (recommend listening twice), use PDF as a reference guide, use mobile friendly webpage for when you are at the grocery store being brain power foods.

Informational Product or Course

Type of Product
  • PDF ebook
  • Mobile App or Mobile Site
  • Audio Program
Limitless Mindset


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Diet is a really essential part of upgrading your mind and life. It's very important to educate yourself on mind power diet!
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Reviewed by Jonathan Roseland January 18, 2013
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Very useful!

Diet is a really essential part of upgrading your mind and life. It's very important to educate yourself on mind power diet!

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