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In exchange for $400 and a painless cheek swab sample our partner, generates an ocean of timelessly actionable genetic data about you. Their whole genome sequencing builds a comprehensive risk profile for the common and rare diseases that may end your life prematurely or dramatically diminish its quality. This data allows us to make biohacking profoundly personal.

About personal genotyping

Like it or not, we live in a world where technology determines our quality of life in almost every dimension. Personal genetic analysis is such a technology, that will inevitably change your life for the better or the worse.

Test Your Telomeres

Maybe you don’t need to worry about your telomeres, but maybe you really do. You don’t know if your telomeres are in great shape or if they are in sharp decline until you get them tested. includes Telomere testing with their $400 personal genotyping kit which will provide an informative snapshot of your genes and longevity biomarkers. Apparently, TeloYears™ used to offer a telomere testing kit for less than $100, but they discontinued that offering in lieu of (more lucrative, no doubt!) COVID-testing kits. This is disappointing to see but's PROFESSIONAL TELOMERE TEST + WHOLE GENOME SEQUENCING is actually a pretty good value in comparison, along with Telomere status it provides the full raw data from all of your +30,000 genes.

Vs 23AndMe


This year, I'm planning on getting my whole genome sequencing done by, a company I deem more ethical than 23andMe, with a very strong Privacy Forever policy, that seems to be explicitly against the sort of scenario I paint in Your Imminent Non-Consensual Genetic Profiling. I'd much rather send them my spit and money so I can figure out what genetic black swans are in my future that I should prepare for.



23 and Me: Personal Genotyping

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