CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements

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CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker Review: My secret post-workout weapon for awesome sleep

Recently, I've been sleeping better than ever thanks to this post-bedtime cocktail; A tea consisting of Ashwaghanda, Camomile, Apple Cider Vinegar, magnesium, and crucially CBD. 20 milligrams of CBD (one capsule) quiets my racing mind and allows me to get to sleep typically within about 10 minutes of laying my head down on the pillow. I awake usually before my alarm goes off feeling ready to take on the day, not groggy and dragging as I might be after taking Melatonin.

CBD is supposed to help with pain, which I tested when I had to get a small, yet painful dental operation, done. I did 4 capsules of CBD (80 milligrams) before going to the dentist, unfortunately, it didn't do much to make the operation less painful. I do find that after a grueling gym session, CBD assuages the soreness of my muscles. After a gym day, it's especially important to get great sleep.

While two CBD capsules (40 milligrams) will knock me right out when the lights go out, a single CBD capsule just takes the edge off a little. I'm about 30 days into an intermittent no booze period and I'll often take a capsule of CBD in place of a glass of wine over dinner. A single capsule of CBD taken before a date night or social engagement puts me in a bit more relaxed, talkative and sociable mood.

Although I don't use CBD daily, I use it frequently and I have not noticed a tolerance curve nor does it seem to be habit-forming.

All CBD is not created equal, at this point I've tried three CBD products and this is the best. I'd recommend it to anyone in the EU or Europe who wants to get some great restorative sleep.

About CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol - which is just one of the active cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). It’s completely non-psychoactive and works by supporting important processes like homeostasis, as well as the immune, neurological, and circulatory system.
To make CBD oil we first extract the CBD along with other cannabinoids - like CBC, CBG, and CBN - and other beneficial compounds like terpenes and polyphenols. The extract is then mixed with a high-grade hemp seed oil to improve absorption and provide other beneficial compounds - such as omega fatty acids and antioxidants.
These CBD oil capsules contain 20mg of pure cannabidiol per serving, dissolved in a hemp seed carrier oil to support absorption through the digestive tract.

Ingredients Per Serving (2 Softgels):
Hemp Seed Oil (providing 10% CBD) 200mg.
Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil (providing 10% CBD), Softgel Shell (De-Ionised Water, Gelatine Shell, Glycerine).

Recommended Dose:
Take 2 softgels daily with a meal, or as advised by your health care professional.

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CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements
CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements
CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements
CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements
CBD Oil Softgels by Focus Supplements

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My secret post-workout weapon for awesome sleep
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