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In this Q&A, I'm joined by Biohacker extraordinaire Dininn Freeman to answer your questions about everything ranging from mental health, anti-aging agents, and immune biopeptides to APD (Asshole Proximity Disorder) to your buddies shaming you for your dating preferences.

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#39 Questions


I have been starting with 30-second showers every day before letting the water get warm, sometimes twice a day, as a way to shock my brain out of the anxiety and depression. Everything I read suggested cold showers reduce anxiety (cortisol) and depression. Is it possible that for me cold showers have had the opposite effect? Although cold showers are suppose to reduce cortisol, is it possible that they raise your cortisol because they put your body in a fight or flight response, traumatize you, and therefore trigger past trauma? Maybe they have had the opposite of the intended effect. I'm going to stop the cold showers, because they may be making things far worse.
I have been taking care of elderly parents whose health seems to decline every week. Mom has congestive heart failure and is in cardiac rehab, Dad has early signs of dementia. I'm trying the best I can to take care of them, but they are stubborn. I live with a bipolar sister whose frequent mood swings are a challenge. Living with them has an Alice in Wonderland quality, like trying to do the impossible every day. Another sister has untreated "long covid" which has left her too tired and sick to do much of anything. I have one friend with Parkinson's and another dying of brain cancer.
Then it all went the opposite direction: overwhelming anxiety, depression, rumination, recurrent traumatic memories that I hadn't had for years, which have haunted me for years. Some suicidal ideation, which I also hadn't had in years. I thought I was over all of that. But here it all comes back. I'm in despair and completely overwhelmed. Absolute hopelessness.
I became enamored with a beautiful Polish model online. Beautiful eyes, legs to the moon and back. A fun game. But then sometimes I would ask: Why are you torturing yourself like this? She's not real. She's just a face on a screen in a country far way, speaking a language you will never understand.
I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but after decades of therapy and no confidence in local psychologists and psychiatrists, I simply don't know where to turn. I believe the high anxiety triggered the depression, but I'm not sure.
Your age: 55
Profession: unemployed


Depression and anxiety often are often actually APD (Asshole Proximity Disorder)

Get regular exercise - change the body to change the mind!

Get testosterone checked

Try breathwork - Othership app is my go-to for this

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Methylene Blue for trauma recovery

Nicotine for the anxiety

Look into psychedelic therapy?


Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

The Stoics


Could [ALCAR] be considered a less expensive alternative to NMN? I've taken both, and they both have a very uplifting affect. I just wondered about the longevity Factor since I'm looking for something to help my mitochondrial health because I'm 68 years old almost and I find myself getting fatigued quicker. When I take nmn I am revved up and can't even take a nap anymore. I have taken Alcar in the past and had similar effects but it's been so long I can't remember. I just wonder about the longevity Factor if you have any opinions or advice please don't hesitate to post or reach out to me thank you for your time. I've been following your stuff for years and fact a lot of your videos educated me on nootropics and the benefits of nutraceuticals and I've experimented extensively with both.
I'm a retiree and the cost difference is substantial. Also any vision supplements?


No, ALCAR does not boost NAD+


To boost NAD+: Vitamin B3/NiacinNicotinamide Riboside, or NMN (powdered in a tub)

For anti-aging: Resveratrol, Creatine, and Codyceps

For vision: Visoluten and Visomitin


Hi, do you think vladonix is stronger than crystagen?


Crystagen differs from other immune medicines and biohacks I've discussed, it's more a tool for restoration than prevention. It's used to rebuild a compromised immune system. So Vladonix is a better bet.

Read: Perplexed by Peptides


Do Racetams show up on UAs [urine analysis] or drug tests as a false positive for anything?



Drug testing works because biologists have developed molecules that bind specifically to the active form of the drug/drug byproduct. Wiki 'immunoassay' to read about it (I don't think urine testing is an immunoassay technically, but all such tests work off the same principals). Unless you have a molecule in your drug test that specifically binds to the drug you want to find, your drug test will not detect that drug. As far as I know, testing for any nootropics is not standard for any drug test, usually they just test for the usual suspects (thc, etc). If they don't test for it, they can't find it. I'm a biologist...

From Reddit


Do you know if NAC is just as good as raising glutathione? I think I've heard it's better than glutathione liposomal??


A/B testing the two

S-Acetyl L-Glutathione is the best-absorbed form 

Reddit anecdote: NAC changed my life for the better. It did for me what years of trial and error did with antidepressants did not, and in only 3 days. It helps with the 5 hernias in my neck and back it reduced my anxiety, it eliminated 98% of my PTSD, and it helped with my chronic cold feet. It's probably the best supplement out there.


off topic: can i ask how much you paid for the Voss water? i hear they managed to fool the americans into buying that water at a high price, over here we have the same water in the taps


Voss glass water bottles will last you about half a decade


Also, follow me on Bastyon


Enjoying sex with chubby girls more than with others and got shamed for it. Im athletic built, tall man and, as in the title, I got shamed in my friendpack for the fact that I enjoy dating, flirting and having sex only with chubby/bbw girls. What is the reason for that attitude?


I unleash a righteous rant on the chubby chasers...

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